Negev Energy is building a 121 MW Thermo-Solar Power Plant in the Negev Desert of Israel near Ashalim Village. The plant will be the largest renewable energy project in Israel.

About Us

Negev Energy Ashalim Thermo-Solar Ltd. (“Negev Energy”) is a special purpose company (SPC) established for planning, financing, constructing and operating a 121 MW thermo-solar power plant under a B.O.T (built, operate, transfer) Concession Agreement for a period of 28 years.
Beginning July 2015, the State of Israel commissioned Negev Energy to commence the 3 years construction period to be followed by a 25 years of commercial operation period.

Negev Energy is held by: Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Shikun & Binui group (50%), Noy Fund (40%) and TSK (10%); bringing together Israeli and International expertise in the field of project financing, engineering, construction and thermo-solar technology.

TSK is a global company that specializes in turn-key projects and the supply of technological solutions for energy generating power plants using conventional and renewable resources.


Shikun&Binui Renewable Energy is the energy branch of Shikun&Binui group that specializes in the development of large scale, long term renewable energy projects.

Noy Fund is a leading Israeli investment  fund established in 2011. The fund invests and manages large scale long term projects in the infrastructure and energy sectors.


Management Team

Pinchas (Pini) Cohen


Negev Energy

Pinchas (Pini) Cohen is the Chairman of the Noy Fund, with over 35 years of experience in the infrastructure sector. His prior roles include president & CEO of Africa Israel (TASE: AFIL), an international holding and investments group; Chairman of Danya Cebus (TASE: DNYA), the leading and largest international construction company based in Israel; Chairman of Derech Eretz (Concessionaire of the Cross Israel Highway, the first toll road in Israel); President & CEO of Arrarat Insurance Company, a full service insurance agency; and Chairman of America Israel, one of Israel leading real estate development and investment companies. During his career, Pini managed the development, operation and sale of some of the largest infrastructure projects undertaken in Israel, including the Cross Israel Highway ($2 billion), Highway 431 ($500 million), a large governmental office complex, and the privatized prison. Pini holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Didi Paz

Negev Energy O&M

Negev Energy

Didi Paz joined the Shikun & Binui Group in 2013, as CEO of Negev Energy the Concessionaire of the Ashalim Thermo Solar Power Plant BOT Project        (Plot A). Didi’s previous positions include: deputy CEO of Granite Hacarmel Investments; VP at Koor Industries; CEO of Koor Venture Capital and various managerial positions at the IDB Group.
Didi Paz has more than 15 years of experience in fulfilling various executive roles in different sectors, including: industry, infrastructures (natural gas, water, biomass and PV), communications, retail, technology, VC, real estate, tourism, aviation and more), with Israel’s leading corporations.
He has extensive knowledge and rich experience in different aspects, including: BD, legal, financial, operations, HR, IT, regulatory, E&S and more pertaining to corporations operating in various jurisdictions and markets.
Didi Paz holds a B.A. in Economics and an LL.B. in Law, both from the Tel Aviv University.

Achiam Tigger

Chief Executive Officer

Negev Energy


Achiam Tigger joined Negev Energy in 2019 as CEO of Negev Energy O&M and since early 2023 had started his role also as the CEO of Negev Energy – the Concessionaire of the Ashalim Thermo Solar Power Plant BOT Project (Plot A). Achiam’s previous positions include Manager in Megalim Concessionaire of the Ashalim Thermo Solar Power Plant BOT Project (Plot B); Project Director in BrightSource and Project Manager in Ormat Industries.
Achiam Tigger has more than 20 years of experience in fulfilling managing roles in the renewable industry including geothermal, waste heat, and thermal solar.

He was involved in Megaprojects including Megalim Solar Tower in Israel and the Ivanpah Solar Towers located in the Mojave Desert, Cal. USA with various key companies such as NRG, Bechtel, RPI, Parson, and Burns & McDonnell.

In addition, Achiam led many other projects in India, Turkey, Germany, and in the USA. In these roles, Achiam led different setup projects including joint venture, turnkey, and supply.
Achiam Tigger holds a B.S.c in Mechanical Engineering (Ben Gurion University 2004 with Honors) and an M.B.A. (Haifa University 2015).

About Our Project

Located in the Negev Desert, the Ashalim thermo-solar power plant is an environmentally friendly renewable energy project that serves as an important milestone in promoting Israel’s national target of generating 10% of its power from renewable energy sources by 2020.

At approximately 390 hectare, Negev Energy’s thermo-solar power plant is Israel’s largest renewable energy project. With the output sold directly to Israel Electric Corporation, the state-of-the-art 121 MW facility will provide clean, renewable energy to over 60,000 households. At full capacity, the plant will help reduce ~245,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent of taking 50,000 vehicles off the road.

Project Highlights

Negev Energy is building a 121-megawatt thermo-solar power plant next to Ashalim in the Negev

The power plant will be built and operated under a concession agreement with the State of Israel

The power plant is the largest renewable energy project in Israel

The power plant constitutes a significant milestone in reaching Israel’s national target of producing 10% of its power from renewable energy resources by 2020

The power plant will be built and operated by implementing advanced international standards in the fields of environmental, social and employee rights

The plant will supply clean power from renewable energy to 60,000 households in Israel

Our Values

The Ashalim 121 MW state of the art termo solar plant is based on parabolic through technology. The plant is leveraged by one of the largest molten salt storage systems in the world which enables it to store and provide additional 4.5 hours in full capacity of clean energy each day even after sunset or during cloudy sky, allowing 11 hours (yearly average) of daily operation.

How does it work?

Solar energy is absorbed by parabolic mirrors supported by a metal frame spread throughout the solar field. The mirrors rotate to track the sun and radiation is concentrated on special tubes that are positioned at the center of the through. The heat transfer fluid that flows in the tubes absorbs the concentrated sunlight, reaching 390°C, and by using heat exchangers, the thermal energy is then transferred to water to generate steam that propels the turbine to produce electricity power.



We strive to ensure that our sustainable actions in the project will reduce the environmental impacts and maximize its social benefits. We pursue this by implementing international standards concerning environmental protection, stakeholder engagement, worker’s rights and biological diversity conservation.


We believe that a project of this scale and magnitude should provide and contribute additional value to the area in which it operates in. We have made a lot of efforts and dedicated resources that were allocated to crystalize our vision:


With over 50% of construction employees and 34% Bedouins, sourced from the southern area of Israel, the project contributes to the local employment in the region which suffers from low employment rate. Negev Energy will continue to pursue the efforts to source local employment also during the operation period of the power plant.

Local Procurement

In addition, Negev Energy has committed to significant procurement from Israeli suppliers.

Regional Development

The project will enhance regional development, by promoting environmental planning as well as boosting tourism with a unique scenic observation point; It introduced new infrastructures including: a 32 km natural gas pipeline, a 161KW electricity line, and a new water pipeline.


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